Dare me !

Speaking about how you can contribute to the journey, I thought it could be fun to allow you tr eco-friendly dare me, respecting a code of ethic. And If I am able to complete the challenge with a video I’ll dare you in return ! So let’s play.

How to dare me ?

You can dare me using my Tipeee Page (in French) –> Tipeee is a platform that allows you to give tips to web creators in order to make it possible for them to continue there jobs in good conditions.

I also collected « Dares » from my friends before leaving.

So far, here are my challenges :

  • List everything that goes well – Hélène
  • Grow my hair / means don’t cut it during my trip – Vanina
  • Find someone who can teach me how to recycle paper and send a letter to artin with it – Martin
  • Send a postcard made of a real leaf – Hélène
  • Sing a Ben Harper song with strangers and film it – Julie
  • Find love – Antoine G.
  • Come back in one piece, full of experiences, happy because of the journey – Bertrand
  • wash myself with flour during a week (and saving 105 L of water) – Antoine B.
  • Have dread locks – Antoine B.
  • A month without washing my haur – Sabine
  • Make more than 3 life-friends during the journey

But hem…I wonder what do you all have with my hair ?!


[ Eco-Dare’s Code of Ethic]

Dare me :

– on an ecological angle : my objective is to promote sustainable, responsable, eco-friendly and well-wishing  practices, especially related to travel behaviors

– with something technically realist, which means I could make them according to my financial, physical, emotional reality

– respecting human / living rights and dignity

N.B : I can refuse a dare if I judged it inappropriate, non-realist or out of the topic.  You will then be able to reconsider your dare.

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