From waste to postcards

It’s been a month now that I am in South Korea. For those who follow me on instagram, you have seen that my #zerowaste objective is being challenged. Affordable vegetables with NO packaging or limited packaging is quite a quest for gold in South Korea. One thing leading to another, I ended up with a shopping bag full of wastes, non-recyclable for most of it.

OK. So, what to do with all those little things ? Any idea ?

For my part, I turned them into quircky, unique and UpCycled postcards for my family, friends and Tipeee supporters. It even happened that I did not had enough carton and paper for everyone. I dag into my guest house’s bin to find some clean piece of future-postcards and here is the process I used :

Step 1 : Collect trash everywhere you can. Kitchen might give you a funny perspective of the country you are inStep 2 : Bring all your colored pencils, scissors and imagination. Cut, arrange, paste, copy, draw.Step 3 : Write to your friends, family, baker, neighbor and whoever you feel confident about

Hopefully marketing in South Korea uses a lot of funny and cute pictures. It was very easy to pick up nice sides and when it was way too obscure to be thought as a postcard, I added special design and up-front drawing. In a sense, those postcards could be thought as post-modern foodporn for aficionados willing to go further in sharing experiences.

I replicate the process not only with the packaging but with the tickets and bills I had. Some lucky people will received train or museum notes. My only concern now is « will my postcards take a flight ? » . Obviously, I did not ask for airmail, however I don’t know what is the legislation about foreign mails here. And actually, I cross my fingers those pieces of me will reached there target. It was the perfect opportunity for me to experiment the « Student to Student » – aka STS – trick. This astuce might allow you to send postcards free of stamps. Cross fingers and send me photo if you received my love letters !

Plus, If you have ingenious idea about what to do with your wastes while travelling, share in the comments.

EnJay XD


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  1. Marianne dit :

    haha ! So much creativity !

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