1 year and 23 tips later

It has been a year now that I am travelling accross the world with my low carbone, zero waste, slow travel style.

To celebrate this first step, I did a little video about 23 lessons I have learned during this crazy year.

Also, I wanted to send love to all the people that I met during this year. I have lived terrific moment as well as terrible ones, and being in good company, laughting, sharing, this made it possible for me.

Stay tuned. I have some exploration left in me !

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  1. Loïs dit :

    I loved your video!
    – The « crêpes » recipe is also one of my favourite!! Ahah I do it all the time it pleases all my hosts and so easy to share.
    – Hunting wifi!!! Ahah I also recognize me there.
    – Second hand shops are everywhere in the world!
    – Wwoofing, workaway, hospitality networks… of course
    – Having troubles with the hair thing.. Haven’t find could way to reduce the number of shampoo. I’m using solid shampoo and soap thought. It helps a lot in the zerowaste part. And finally I also shaved one side of my head 😉 but I still need to take care of the other side ahah
    – …

    Congratulations for your 13 kg! Dammit how have you done that?! I also do have a tent, mattress and sleeping bag… And winter clothes… And a ukulélé… And my computer… That doesn’t help…

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